Retail and Leisure Space - Export Building


G.01 A1/A3/A4/B1 2,119 sq ft 197 sq m
G.02 A1/A3/A4/B1 2,076 sq ft 193 sq m
G.03 - LET
G.04 A1/A3/A4/B1 3,352 sq ft 311 sq m
G.05A - LET
G.05B A1/A3/A4/B1 908 sq ft 84 sq m
G.06 A1/A3/A4/B1 2,217 sq ft 206 sq m
G.09 - LET
G.10 - LET
G.11 A1/A3/A4/B1 616 sq ft 57 sq m
B.01 A1/A3/A4/B1 9,853 sq ft 915 sq m
Total Retail 21,141 sq ft 1,963 sq m


Power (minimum 3-phase 125KVA)

Gas (minimum 500,000Btu’s per hour or 146KW/hr)

Water (32mm pipe capable of delivering
0.5ltr/second at minimum 2.0 bar)

Drainage connections (100mm sanitary waste-line)

Kitchen extract (minimum 600mm diameter
galvanised steel extract duct)