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Committed to sustainable environments and social impact

With multiple educators converging at our vibrant campus, we recognise the vital role we play in engaging the talent of the future.

At Republic we recognise the role we play in student development, but also within the development of the wider area.

From inspiring human creativity and social cohesion through the innovative retrofitting of our buildings and creation of green spaces, to supporting learning and development through strategic partnerships forged with local communities, every step of our journey reflects our unwavering commitment to the jobs and employability of future generations.

Republic is located in Poplar, Tower Hamlets, an area of London undergoing rapid development. It’s home to a broad mix of ethnicities and nationalities, with a particularly large Bangladeshi community. With a fast-changing demographic, Republic is a world-class example of how public places and social environments should create opportunities, foster creativity and innovation, and support people to thrive.

From the beginning of Trilogy’s management of Republic, there was an understanding that for the campus to thrive, it needed to be well-connected to its locality, catalysing local talent and supporting positive change. Republic continually looks at how it can work best to deepen local connections and create opportunities around upskilling and adult education.

At Republic, we are deeply committed to our role in achieving a sustainable future for all. We have established a clear and ambitious pathway to net zero emissions. Alongside investments in smart building plant optimisation and renewable energy sources, we have a planned programme of work, to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of B by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2035.

Republic recognises its responsibility to make the built environment as efficient as possible. From the outset, a huge reduction in embodied carbon has been achieved by the reuse of the existing structure of the Import & Export Buildings. However, to meet targets we must reduce our overall consumption. Republic therefore utilises the intelligent building operating system (IBOS), which analyses whether the equipment is running out of sync or inefficiently. This allows the management team to make early interventions to reduce energy consumption.

As well as a reduction in energy consumption, biodiversity is essential to the sustainability of our environment. Republic has implemented measures such as installing bat boxes and bug hotels, and transforming former canals into a biodiverse water garden, fostering habitats for local flora and fauna. Furthermore, we maintain diverse plantings around the site to support ecosystem health.

In order to promote a vibrant, inclusive community, both on campus and beyond, Republic’s unique ‘Thrive’* framework is the cornerstone of our mission. Working in partnership with universities, residents and local community groups, we run a range of projects that strengthen local ties and provide opportunities in upskilling and adult education.

Our commitment to increasing social capital is reflected in events that celebrate inclusivity, providing crisis support to students and empowering individuals through training, apprenticeships, and lifelong learning opportunities. We don’t just offer a place to work or learn, we offer a platform for personal and community growth, resilience, and sustainable development.

How we build with impact in mind

Sustainable Building Practices

Republic was redeveloped using construction techniques to reduce carbon emissions and sequestered 1,000 tonnes of carbon, winning Commercial Project of the Year and Solid Wood Project of the Year at the Structural Timber Awards 2020.

Net Zero Pathway

Republic is committed to achieving alignment with CREEM 2030 Net Zero targets.

Optimising Energy Use

By using the intelligent building operating system (IBOS), Republic is continually analysing data and automating systems to optimise energy consumption and efficiency.


Republic provides innovative solutions to provide a home to flora and fauna.

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