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Inspirational Figures at Republic


Inspirational Figures at Republic

10 Oct 2023

Have you seen the famous faces around campus? There are many inspirational successes from East London who have climbed up the ladder to success and have made incredible achievements in their field, and some may have even more commendable achievements to come.

All these people worked hard and had the courage to reach their goals, which is reflected in their inspirational success. Some have made huge impacts on current social issues including crime, race, and equality. Others have made a name for themselves in their respective industry and career. Here are a few people who are inspirational to the Republic.

These figures and their stories, we can see that accomplishing our goals is possible no matter the limitations a person could have. Inspirational stories like these are what encourage us to reach our success – what’s stopping us?

Barbara Windsor (1937-2020) British Actress

An iconic actress, born in Stepney, known for her work in various films and her association with the East End. She is best known for her role in British soap opera “EastEnders”, which showed her unique charm and talent on screen, making her a beloved figure in British entertainment.

Annie Besant (1847-1933) – British Social Reformer, Women’s Right Advocate, and Indian Independence Leader

Besant’s passionate activism and tireless efforts in participating in strikes, demonstrations, and movements contributed significantly to various causes, including workers’ rights and Indian independence.

Ernő Goldfinger (1902-1987) Hungarian-born British Architect

An architect known for his innovative and modern designs, most notably the iconic Balfron Tower in Poplar, which helped rehouse the community post-war and also left a lasting impact on the architectural landscape of Tower Hamlets.

Alex Scott (1984-Present) – Former Professional Footballer

A female footballer, born in Poplar, who achieved great success as a right-back for the England National team, known for her exceptional skills and dedication to sport. Now retired, she is a respected sports broadcaster and analyst, breaking barriers as one of the few women in football media.

Tommy Flowers (1905-1998)- British Engineer and Mathematician

Flowers, who was born in Poplar, is an engineer who played a crucial role in designing and building Colossus, the world’s first programmable electronic computer. His innovative work contributed to breaking German codes during World War II, and also laid the foundation for modern computing and its vital application in various fields.

Taassaduq Ahmed MBE (1923-2001)- Bengali Social and Political Campaigner

A campaigner who made significant contributions to the Tower Hamlets Community and was awarded an MBE in 1989 and the freedom of Tower Hamlets in 2000. Ahmed published two newspapers, Desher Dak and Eastern News, and played a key role in various organizations, including the Brady Centre and the Spitalfields Small Business Association (SSBA).

Kano (1985-Present)- British Rapper, Songwriter and Actor

Born in East Ham, Kano started his rap career in the grime collective N.A.S.T.Y Crew as an original member and later on left the group to become a soloist. Known for his distinctive style and powerful lyrical prowess, Kano became a pioneer of grime music, by shaping and popularising the genre on an international scale.

Mark Noble (1987-Present) – Professional Footballer

Noble spent his whole career at West Ham United as a loyal captain of the club. Known for his leadership and impressive midfield skills, he has earned a reputation as a beloved and respected figure in the world of football.
“I always give 100% in every game I play, even if it’s not enough.”

E.R. Braithwaite (1912-2016)- Guyanese-British Author and Educator

Best known for his autobiographical novel “To Sir, With Love”, which was about social conditions and racial discrimination against black people. Braithwaite left a lasting legacy through his impactful writing and teaching career that promoted social change and racial equality.

Kenny Lynch (1938-2019) – British Singer-Songwriter, Actor and Entertainer

A talented entertainer, from Stepney, who left a significant impact on the music industry with his soulful voice and lively performances. His contributions as a songwriter and frequent appearances on television made him a beloved figure in British entertainment for decades.

Republic is a thriving university campus that focuses on creating a creative and innovative environment for students. We are home to several universities that we work with to provide a modern space and welcoming community that enables students to excel in their education and prepare them for their future. Visit us for a coffee and see these inspirational artworks and quotes, see any of our retailer, or enquire about studying on campus.

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